Published Surname Husband Surname Wife Husband Wife Date of Marriage Year Registered County Place of Marriage ID
Lemming Turner William Alfred Lemming Jane Turner 1877-11-15 1877 Staffordshire St Lukes Church in the Parish of Wellington 1
Cooper Scally Job Cooper Elizabeth Scally 1900-12-30 1900 Staffordshire Wellington Church 2
Bradbury Hughes William Marsh Bradbury Millie Hughes 1930-02-22 1930 Staffordshire Parish Church of Chell 3
Leaming Banks William Leaming Eliza Hannah Banks 1849-10-18 1849 Staffordshire Church of Wombourn 4
Marsh Murry William Marsh Murry 1853-11-07 1853 Staffordshire The Parish Church of Wolstanton 5
Bradbury Marsh James Davis Bradbury Hannah Marsh 1874-12-26 1874 Staffordshire Cobridge Church in the Parish of Burslem 6
Marshall Hallows William Marshall Mary Elizabeth Hallows 1873-06-04 1873 Lancashire The Parish Church in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Hulme 7
Cooper Chadwick Isaac Cooper Sarah Chadwick 1841-06-09 1841 Staffordshire Parish Church in Parish of Audley 8
Hughes Jones Samuel Hughes Sarah Jones 1869-09-12 1869 Staffordshire The Parish Church in the Parish of Christchurch Tunstall 9
Davies Bradbury James Davies Elizabeth Bradbury 1855-08-05 1855 Staffordshire Trinity Church in the parish of Northwood 10
Baker Smith James Albert Horsewell Baker Alice Smith 1920-09-09 1920 Northamptonshire The Wesleyan Methodist Church Queen's Road 11
Hallows Jenour Thomas Hallows Sophia Jenour 1846-08-23 1846 Lancaster The parish Church of Walton on the Hill 12
Adamson Axon John Adamson Emma Ellen Axon 1849-02-08 1849 Lancashire St Mary's church in the parish of Manchester 13
Hill Bradbury Edwin Hill Hannah Bradbury 1838-11-25 1838 Staffordshire Hanley Chapel in the parish of Stoke 14
Perry Brereton Ralph Perry Sarah Brereton 1855-07-29 1855 Staffordshire St Peter's Church in the Parish of Stoke upon Trent 15
Perry Edge Ralph Perry Ann Edge 1857-04-19 1857 Staffordshire St Peter's church in the parish of Stoke upon Trent 16
Davis Onions Richard Davis Hannah Onions 1858-02-23 1858 Salop Parish of Newport 17
Smith Moon Charles Smith Mary Moon 1852-12-19 1852 Middlesex St Saviour's Church in the parish of Upper Chelsea 18
Coxon Turner Joshua Coxon Elizabeth Turner 1869-12-25 1869 Staffordshire St Luke's Church in the parish of Wellington 19
Davies Perry Richard Davies Sarah Ann Perry 1900-01-01 1878 Salop St George's Church in the parish of St George, Shrewsbury 20