Random plant pots with assortment of colours

Ornamental plants are somewhat of an after thought in my garden when it comes to putting in the effort. The webmaster believes that if you don't eat it then it isn't worth growing, but I think he secretly likes the colours and the insects the decorative plants attract.


Restoring our neglected garden has involved a lot of hard, strenuous work - heaving, dragging, digging, chopping and building - but one of the most pleasing and satisfying improvements was possibly the easiest and simplest of all. The transformation of an awkward eyesore into a display of summer flowers provided the best splash of colour anywhere in our garden.

After clearing an area for the base of our poly-tunnel we were left with a large, unsightly "swiss roll" of torn, heavy duty ground cover membrane filled with the soil and weeds that had grown over it. 


In a continuing attempt to cheer up my garden with some colour, I planted almost 100 bulbs earlier this year, some in tubs others in the border and some among the trees. The majority are tulips, alliums and gladioli. I didn't have a plan, and there is no grand design. My border is inches deep in gravel which for years was used as a mulch, and much of it has very shallow soil or is underlaid with virtually impenetrable membrane. It certainly stops things growing up through it but grass, docks and sweet cicely  all manage to put roots through it from above. I simply planted the bulbs where I could find sufficient depth of soil. All I wanted was a splash of colour.

shaggy border garden

Most of my focus for the last couple of years has been on restoring the vegetable plot and bringing the greenhouse back into service but now I have started to think about adding a splash of spring colour to my flower border so this year I ordered several bags of spring flowering bulbs and they arrived this week.