When we purchased Ladymoor Gate Farm in 1988 this area it was not required to register with the Land Registry and the conveyance was completed with an large bundle of documents. In the early 2000's following the redemption of our morgage we decided to voluntarily register and we requested that the bundle of deeds be returned. The documents provided a detailed history of the owners and tenants from the 1870s to the 1920s. In addition I also tracked down copies of older records which I have listed below.

I hope they are of some interest to genealogist who may have ancestors who lived here, local historians or simply anyone who is interested in this part of Staffordshire.


William Stonier Will Extract

1850 Notice of sale

1906 Conveyance with recitals documenting transactions from 1872 

1906 Mortgage Deed and 1908 Redemption

1910 Conveyance 

1920 Lease 


Census transcripts

Our starting point in researching the history of the farm was the census returns. These provided us with names which we could then further research in various archives including births, deaths and marriages, rates books, electoral rolls, probate records and even old newspapers.

Transcripts of the census entries we used to compile the history of the previous occupants of Ladymoor Gate are provided in the links below.  The links are also available in the sidebars of the pages for each of the individual families.

Transcription of census returns for Ladymoor Gate Farm