In September 2014 we travelled to South Africa and Swaziland. It was the Webmaster's first holiday for years and it had taken the offer of an African safari to tempt him to renew his passport and put his beloved dogs in kennels for two weeks. But he didn't regret it. Even the grumpy Webmaster managed to smile and enjoy himself without too much moaning and groaning. After considering a range of safaris in East Africa and Namibia we finally decided on the Zululand and Kruger Wildlife tour from the travel company Explore

The trip we took is similar to that in the current (2015/16 brochure) except that for the first two nights in the Drakensberg Mountains we camped - and brrrr .... was it cold?

When I went to India I did it on a low budget and really enjoyed the experience, when I went to South America I (sort of accidentaly ended up on a luxury trip with older and much richer people than I, but this trip was just about right in every respect: enough adventure, comfort without luxury, all round good company and good fun in a stunning country... but did we get to see any lions?

On many of my previous trips I  kept a diary and when I went to South America I took a video camera, but for this trip I didn't do either. We each took a digital camera so between us we managed to compile a reasonably comprehensive photo album, but not at the expense of missing the moment.