Flooded streets

Sunday 23rd August: Day of rest near Delhi

We went swimming in the morning at a pool used by the ex-pat families. Wow - what service, nimbupanis served on silver trays by very polite waiters in white jackets who quietly appeared every time I climbed out of the pool. The only problem was the heat - the tiled floors and the metal handrails were too hot to touch - what luxury! What a contrast to the grime and squalor of yesterday. Then back home for lunch and siesta.

In the evening we went to the Qutb Minar a UNESCO world heritage site. At over 70m it is the highest in India.

Tuesday 25th August, afternoon: Mazafarur to Raxaul

From the railway bridge we could see into the town. It was flooded in murky water to about 6-8 inches.

Mazafarpur station floodedMazafarpur flooded street

We enquired about trains. The next train was at 2:30, a two hour wait, and would take 5 hours!! After this morning's train: dismay. But there was a bus which took only three hours. A better bet. We'd get the bus.

Lorry on road to Kathmandu

Wednesday 26th August: Bus to Kathmandu

We got up at 5:30 after a sleepless night. It had been awful. All night we had lain in bed listening to each other tossing, turning and groaning. The power had not been restored and the fans didn't work. We were too hot and we had been attacked by mosquitoes. Bzzzz all night, and their bites are quite aggravating. It was my first experience of mosquito bites and no one had warned my to bring a net.

Durbar square

Thursday 27th August: Kathmandu

Woke early at about 5:30. The mosquitoes hadn't attacked - thank goodness! Went for walk before breakfast. First morning in Nepal. Returned to hotel and ordered toast for breakfast. It took ages. I think they went out to buy the bread. At about 9:00 we set out to explore the town. Jane bought some chocolate - Cadbury's - but it hadn't survived the heat and goodness knows how old it was. It was not very nice.