Across bay of Naples towards Vesuvius

Thursday 30th August 2012

Our first full day in the Naples region. We decided to catch the train back into Naples and explore the city. Superficially we were in agreement but while I had images of cityscapes and places of historic and cultural interest in mind, to Louise Naples conjured up pictures of shops and Italian fashion. We could compromise on street markets, so after first buying a map we were straight out of the station and into the nearest street market.

Forum with Vesuvius in distance

Friday 31st August 2012 - Pompeii

"No there won't be any shops," I say, exasperated, "but you're coming anyway. I didn't pay for you to come to Naples just to do shopping. While we are so close we should go an see the ruins at Pompeii. They're well known and spectacular. One day you'll be pleased we went."

Teenagers! It was a tedious trip and a reluctant, sulky teenager didn't improve matters. We set of on what was becoming the familiar journey via the Cumana Line from Lucrino, via Mostra where we changed to the Line 2 into Napoli Central. From their we took the line South to Sorrento. It seemed to take forever, but eventually just before midday we arrived. It was hot and I was pleased we hadn't come in the height of Summer.