Random plant pots with assortment of colours

Ornamental plants are somewhat of an after thought in my garden when it comes to putting in the effort. The webmaster believes that if you don't eat it then it isn't worth growing, but I think he secretly likes the colours and the insects the decorative plants attract.

The design and layout of the garden doesn't provide much opportunity for many easy wins. The border is inches deep in gravel with little remaining soil and a few plants surviving from my original easy maintenance garden put in 30 years ago have spread and taken over like weeds. Blue geraniums anyone? Most of the new plants whether purchased or grown from seed which I have planted in the last few years usually end up drowned out.  This autumn we need to take some drastic action and thin them out. So as a compromise - pots and containers have provided much of the colour.

The flower seeds I sowed were of dubious vintage,  hand me downs, usually from the front of my Mum's gardening magazines. About 20% of the varieties I sowed grew into seedlings (another reason why the Webmaster thinks they are a waste of real estate in the greenhouse. Last year one of my big successes were antirrhinums and this year they came back even better.  This season I had some success with zinnia and marigolds although the slugs made easy work of most of the latter. A tumble of nasturtiums and sweet peas adds to the chaotic affect.

Summer flowers16 July2021


And then there are the alliums. The Webmaster likes them. He can pretend they are onions! I planted the bulbs layering them in pots with tulips. The result: early colour from the tulips followed by a beautiful display of alliums from late spring through to mid summer, finishing with a spectacular collection of seed heads which we cut and use as indoor decorations over winter. 

Summer flowers20 July2021

Each year a little more added. The major project this year was restoring a section of the gravel garden which had become overgrown with sweet cicely. It was a major excavation job digging out the roots but the result is quite pleasing with a collection of white phlox and assorted pinks. One day I'll manage to learn the names of the plants I select from on-line catalogues.

Summer flowers14 July2021

In other parts of the garden the herbs also add to the fragrance and colour. Chamomile, borage, sage, chives and thyme are particularly attractive and the flowering coriander adds texture.

Summer flowers26 July2021

One day the Webmaster will have to agree, its not just about growing food, the ornamental and decorative plants have their place too.

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